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Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya is located on an independent beach in the center of Sanya Bay, close to Sanya Phoenix Airport, urban area and EMU station.
The appearance of Southeast Asia resort style hotel is like two luxury cruise ships. The three-dimensional ventilation design allows you to feel the sea breeze without leaving the room.
The view of the guest room is wide, with soft couch, natural bamboo and wood decoration, and private terrace bathtub. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view while bathing. You can enjoy your personal space by pulling down the bamboo curtain.
Yunhexuan, Balinese style, Haiyun bar and air private party provide special Chinese and Western food to let you enjoy all kinds of tropical food.
Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Buffet hot pot BBQ (dinner) must not be missed. After dinner, it's very good to listen to the Philippine band on the beach chair beside the swimming pool.
After a delicious buffet breakfast, you may as well take your child through the underpass to play with water and sand on the 350 meter beach, or take a walk in the tropical garden.
The outdoor super large central swimming pool has water children's slide and water entertainment facilities. It is divided into three temperature pools: low, medium and high. It is suitable for all ages. There is no need to worry about catching cold.
The newly upgraded children's paradise is a paradise for young children; The wonderful stimulation of the Forest Castle, rock climbing and sliding rope in the back garden is even more interesting.
Spa center, one-on-one butler service and 800 square meters of coastal conference space can meet all your needs.
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FAQs when booking at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya is 4.2km from the airport.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    Each costs cny120 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    The room prices is from cny538, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • linxiaojun
    Satisfied with everything, very good!
  • oldway
    For a hotel that comes three times in half a year, it's unreasonable not to upgrade the room type. The room is small and musty. It's hard to sleep. The breakfast is OK, and the swimming pool is OK. How to say, compared with the five stars in Yalong Bay, there's really no place to attract me except the price is affordable!
  • leyoulu24
    The environment of the hotel is very good. It's very close to the airport in the city. It's very convenient to live. Rao Xiyu at the front desk has good service. Miss Tang Liying was very friendly when checking out. She also gave small gifts to the children. The children are very happy and will come again next time
  • lxcccyoyo
    The room is clean and comfortable with good facilities. The attitude of the service staff was very good. It's not far from the city. It's convenient to travel around and rent buses. Breakfast is very rich. The beach bar barbecue in the evening is delicious. A hotel worth choosing again.
  • esigniture
    The facilities are a little old. Breakfast is good. The beach in Sanya Bay is worse than that in Yalong Bay.
  • e01974286
    The location of the hotel is very quiet, and the daughter of the internal swimming pool likes it very much; The internal environment is very good, which is the first choice for tourism and vacation, and the breakfast is also very good; The only regret is that the beach is not very good. It's good overall.
  • catff2001
    The whole sea view room has a good room, especially the second bedroom. It feels like a vacation, but the floor is not high enough, there are too many breakfast people, the quality is not high, and the beach is too noisy
  • fengdongmei1981
    not bad
    Everything is fine
  • CyberD
    Before I came to Sanya, I lived in Haiyun. This time, a family of six lived in a room with three bedrooms and one living room. When the baby was 16 months old, the front desk was very considerate, and a baby bed was arranged. There was a special person to clean and clean every day. Before leaving, there was a telephone reservation service for the delivery station. Thank you Haiyun hotel for making our family spend these days in Sanya happily
  • eileenY3
    The service and management of the hotel have declined to a certain extent, but the catering industry still maintains a high level. Compared with the location and facilities, the hotel still has a certain advantage in price. It should be said that it is one of the best hotels in Sanya Bay area.
  • boy6172005
    The surrounding environment is very good. The room is just like that.
  • e05377169
    A cost-effective reservation has a good balcony, a large room and a large bed. The only drawback is that breakfast is too ordinary.
  • al0630718
    The waiter's attitude was very good! The hotel has complete internal facilities! The most successful trip was to choose this hotel
  • leidawei
    Very satisfied
  • nancy_gao1987
    It's a very good hotel with good service and facilities. It's very convenient to have a beach exclusive to the hotel,
  • e02287147
    I was very satisfied with my stay. Breakfast was also very good. The service in the lobby was very good, especially when I checked out. Miss Huang Shi knew that I was very fast in catching the plane. I'd like to praise her
  • E00046589
    Children's swimming pool!
  • swiftsun
    The environment of the hotel is very good. As soon as you enter the lobby, there are porters to help you with your luggage. The little girls at the front desk are very enthusiastic and proactive. It feels so good to stay in the hotel for the first time. It's the best choice to come to Sanya Haiyun Hotel next time
  • toto_tao
    This hotel is very good. The guests are very satisfied with their stay. Since it is not the first time to check in, everyone is very familiar with it. This hotel is the first choice when you go to Sanya next time. It is very cost-effective
  • Diwen65
    The room is big, the bed and pillow are comfortable, and the breakfast is good
  • antonysung
    The room is very spacious and comfortable. It is very suitable for a large family to come and live. The breakfast is very rich! Thank Xiao Xue at the front desk for his careful service!
  • baisong5425
    Southeast Asian style hotel, I like it very much, the service of Chen Nan beauty at the front desk is very considerate ~!
  • edullboy
    We are not dissatisfied with staying in this hotel when we are thinking about Chinese New Year. It's really classy and worthy of our holiday.
  • dorisliang
    Every year, I come to my favorite hotel!
  • lijgame
    That's good. That's good. That's good
  • e03489760
    The hotel is located in Sanya Bay. It lives in a Duplex Suite. The service is very good. Originally, it was only intended to stay for one day. The next day, the staff of the hotel called to ask you about your feelings and suggestions, and asked if there was any place in need of help. They felt very little. They stayed for two more days. They also went to the hotel's own beach bar to have a buffet dinner, blowing the sea breeze and singing by the band, I felt it was very good. The check-out was delayed to 1:30 for free because of the flight on the day I left. In short, the service was very user-friendly, recommended. I'll check in next time
  • wong_love
    The environment is good. Standing at the door of the hall to see the sea is like a picture. At the front desk, I was informed that the high-grade sea view room ordered online was upgraded to a luxury sea view room. It was a small surprise, which added a good mood to the trip at the beginning.
  • lamado
    The best thing is the hotel's service. It's warm and considerate. People say hello to you everywhere, especially at the front desk. Miss Huang's smile is like the bright sunshine of Sanya. Miss Yan is like the goddess Gao Yuanyuan. She always responds kindly to customers' requests. After our flight was cancelled, we stayed for another night and upgraded our suite for free. We know that our flight is in the evening, He took the initiative to help us extend the check-out time. It's considerate. At the gate of the hotel is the beach. There is a supermarket nearby. The hotel is very convenient to the airport and the city. It also provides free shuttle buses. The details of the room were very considerate, the children's slippers were prepared, and the sound insulation was also good. It's a pity that the catering cost performance of the hotel is not high. It's better to contact the local atmosphere and be close to the people.
  • e02358032
    It's a good hotel for parents and children
  • e01611864
    The service of the hotel is particularly good, especially the front desk service. Xiao Tang is very friendly when checking out. He will come again next time
  • liuan052469
    Very satisfied, good service, clean and hygienic, rich breakfast, I will still choose next time.
  • e00321229
    The hotel environment is very good. The front desk easy to show service is very good. I will check in next time
  • joanlian
  • lovelygirllmj
  • amelielin
    The duplex sea view is very good, but there are too many buffet people.
  • mingbei
    The hotel is located in Sanya Bay five-star hotel group with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. There is a bus at the door. There is a hotel about 500 meters on the right side of the door. The buffet breakfast is great. The beach and sea water are good. The shortage is that beach motorcycles seriously affect children's playing with sand. recommend.
  • daniel
    The hotel is good and cost-effective
  • BrumeLee
    It's very close to the airport. It's only ten minutes away. The surrounding traffic is very convenient. The environment of the hotel is very exotic, friendly and leisure. In addition, the big bathtub on the balcony is good, but it's a little far from the sea. There was no coffee and other necessary accessories for the 5-star hotel on the bar. I was a little disappointed. However, for the sake of price, it is still worth recommending!
  • AndyWilliams
    The hotel will be upgraded to suite for the big bed room. The hotel environment is very good, suitable for taking children!
  • appleliong
    The hotel has good hygiene and service.
  • dlmu2000
    Very good hotel, suitable for family travel. A suggestion: breakfast doesn't seem to meet the five-star level.
  • cw2010
    The environment is very good
  • by630
    Southeast Asian style, bed rest everywhere, swimming pool is not small, quite a lot of guests, the room is big, clean, there is a big bath on the balcony, facing Sanya Bay, the scenery is good!
  • leaves
    It's near the beach of Sanya Bay. It's quite beautiful. It's quite close to the city and the airport. The hotel style is unique, similar to Southeast Asian style. There are many fruits for breakfast, but the service does not match the price, and there are flies. There's something wrong with the bathroom design in the room. I hurt my foot by the corner of the glass door. It's OK.
  • e05270010
    It's a good hotel. It's the sea when you go out. Convenient transportation and considerate service. I will choose to stay here next time
  • lixiaolei2010
    I like the big bathtub on the balcony
  • daixintong1
    not bad
  • e03436325
    The service was warm and considerate, the environment was first-class, and a small gift was given to the children when they checked out. It was a good check-in experience.
  • dj051308
    The location of the hotel is good, the overall feeling is pretty good. It's very close to the airport. You can take a bus to the door of the hotel. The hotel also has a free shuttle bus to the airport. It's very good in Sanya Bay.
  • linnt
    A friend introduced Haiyun hotel. After checking in, I felt that Haiyun was really good. The room was clean and tidy. I booked a duplex sea view suite. The sea view is good and the room is very large. My family is very happy. For their own reasons, they left their car keys in the corridor. After the hotel staff found them, they informed me in time. The service is very good. They will stay next time. It is highly recommended!
  • nina860726
    The environment is OK, the location is very close to the sea, the breakfast is good
  • localmaple
    The location of the hotel is good. If you want to go shopping in Dadonghai or downtown, it's still a little distance. It's about 18 yuan by taxi. Simple leisure vacation, Haiyun is a good choice. The breakfast was rich and the staff were very friendly. On the day we went, we upgraded to the suite for free. The children were very happy. The beach is just a road away from the hotel, which is very convenient without the legendary inconvenience, and the hotel environment is also good. It is not easy to breathe fresh air in the moment of haze. I will stay in Haiyun in the future.
  • LX25025476
    I lived with my family two years ago. I feel very good. Breakfast is great! This time, I recommend my friends to come and live. I wish them the same experience as me! excellent!
  • gw0514
    The family is very happy, the service is very good, especially the front desk service is really good, Yan Jiaqi's classmate's service is quite good, the smile is appropriate
  • aa4124
    The hotel has good service attitude and beautiful environment. Especially suitable for parents and children.
    The hotel environment is very good. I like the warm pool of the hotel very much. The staff are very friendly, especially the beauties at the front desk. Xiao Rao's service was very considerate when checking out. He also gave me a U-shaped pillow and will come again next time
  • PS677
    The air conditioning in the hotel is not very clean
  • demonlover
    Low cost performance, more disappointed, the swimming pool is not hygienic, just like the garden pool in the community. The front desk service has taken care of it. I won't live in the future
  • icasino
    The hotel is very close to the airport. It's only 15 yuan by taxi. The hotel has an underground passage connected with the beach, the food is not expensive, and the service is considerate. There are water slides in the swimming pool, which are very attractive to children. I want to stay here next time I come to Sanya.
  • m00281709
    Haiyun is a very worthwhile hotel. The environment of the hotel is great, the staff service is friendly, the garden view room we booked has been upgraded with our children, and the bathtub on the balcony is my son's favorite. Next time I come to Sanya, I will continue to stay in Haiyun.
  • bonnie_w
    Friends, very good hotel, luxury sea view room, sea view at a glance, amazing! Mom and dad are very satisfied, baby is also happy ~
  • yangsel
    The environment is comfortable, the service quality is very good, the front desk service is very good, Wang Hui and Xue Yipeng are very careful! Good! The hotel is great!