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Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya is located on an independent beach in the center of Sanya Bay, close to Sanya Phoenix Airport, urban area and EMU station.
The appearance of Southeast Asia resort style hotel is like two luxury cruise ships. The three-dimensional ventilation design allows you to feel the sea breeze without leaving the room.
The view of the guest room is wide, with soft couch, natural bamboo and wood decoration, and private terrace bathtub. You can enjoy the beautiful sea view while bathing. You can enjoy your personal space by pulling down the bamboo curtain.
Yunhexuan, Balinese style, Haiyun bar and air private party provide special Chinese and Western food to let you enjoy all kinds of tropical food.
Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Buffet hot pot BBQ (dinner) must not be missed. After dinner, it's very good to listen to the Philippine band on the beach chair beside the swimming pool.
After a delicious buffet breakfast, you may as well take your child through the underpass to play with water and sand on the 350 meter beach, or take a walk in the tropical garden.
The outdoor super large central swimming pool has water children's slide and water entertainment facilities. It is divided into three temperature pools: low, medium and high. It is suitable for all ages. There is no need to worry about catching cold.
The newly upgraded children's paradise is a paradise for young children; The wonderful stimulation of the Forest Castle, rock climbing and sliding rope in the back garden is even more interesting.
Spa center, one-on-one butler service and 800 square meters of coastal conference space can meet all your needs.
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FAQs when booking at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya is 4.2km from the airport.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    Each costs cny120 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Ocean Sonic Resort Sanya?

    The room prices is from cny588, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • bison9
    The hotel environment is good. The beach is also suitable for children. I'm very satisfied!
  • EmmaSi
    I'm used to living in Haiyun. I feel very happy!
  • crblsp_0924
    Good environment, nothing to say! It's really good! Next time I come to Sanya, I will stay here!
  • coolcool2009
    I've checked in many times. I like the lobby and environment here. It's also convenient to eat around. The supermarket is very close to the airport. It's very convenient to live when I first arrive or leave
  • Mei Mei
    The hotel is great
  • starswang
    The environmental facilities are very good, as everyone said in the evaluation, very satisfied.
  • yanyingxiong
    The hotel service is as friendly as ever. The view of the room in building 2 is general, and the view of Building 1 facing building 2 is the best
  • feifei1991830
    Sanya Hotel
  • a_pangli
    The environment is very good. Crossing the road is the sea. The supporting facilities are also very good. It is also very close to the airport. It has high cost performance
  • e00146577
    I'm very satisfied with the hotel. The front desk service is very good. The front desk service of Miss Huang is very friendly. Every waiter greets each other when they meet. It's very convenient for the hotel to go to the downtown and the airport. There are buses to go to. The hotel and the underground will come back to Haiyun next time
  • meada
    The room is big enough and the facilities are very new. Very happy!
  • penny119
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • May_gu0109
    The service in the hotel is very friendly, the breakfast is quite rich, the room is very large, and there is a bathtub on the balcony. Brother has a very good attitude and is also enthusiastic, and he will help me correct my swimming posture
  • maomaoryoyi
    The environment was very good. My parents liked it very much. My son especially liked the children's paradise, beach and swimming pool. He had a good time and the attitude of the service staff was also very good
  • gracelyl
    Every time I come to Sanya, I will choose a new hotel. Southeast Asian style, I like it very much.
  • jessicasun
    I went with my husband. Part of the room can see the sea, but for both of us, we can see the sea or not. The curtains are pulled up, ha ha. I'm very satisfied overall. The water in the swimming pool is quite clean. Next time I take my parents, I should choose this hotel
  • lili7721
    All aspects of the hotel are good. The beach, diet, leisure, swimming pool and so on are my first choice to stay in Sanya
  • jiafem0116
    General facilities, small pool garden
  • maggie9012128
    I stayed in three hotels, Sanya Bay Haiyun, Yalong Bay Mangrove and Haitang Bay Sheraton. To my surprise, Haiyun was the most satisfied. The hotel environment, facilities and service were very good. Check in and check out were very fast. I will stay next time.
  • baojunman
    The environment of the hotel is very good, the facilities are very complete, especially the service. I will choose it next time.
  • andy15703166
    The hotel is very good, very good! The service personnel were very good. Wang Lu, the receptionist at the front desk, went through the formalities very quickly and gave us a selfie artifact. Thank you very much!
  • afypcm
    The hotel is good. We booked a deluxe big bed room. Later, the hotel upgraded it to a suite for free. It's really a discount. The service quality of the hotel is also very good, and the water quality of the swimming pool is reassuring. I really like the style of the main hotels
  • bj Shuishui Ping
    The environment and service are all good. It's worth recommending!
  • E00698842
    Very good, very square. The hotel is very big. I'll stay here next time I come,
  • e01102647
    The hotel is very good, very suitable for family travel. Stay in the hotel all day, swim, bask in the sun, take a walk on the beach... Only breakfast is more crowded, and it's not easy to find the location when there are many people.
  • dalail
    The hotel environment is very comfortable. I like the decoration style. Several family members came together and had a good time. Li Qiuhong, who checked in, provided very good service and was very enthusiastic. During the stay, there was a little bit of unhappiness, that is, there was a problem with the door lock of the room, and she couldn't open the door all the time. But these are all small things, which can't affect my mood. I will come here next time.
  • vivianacao
    The letter price ratio is good. Breakfast is good
  • liu111er
    It's OK
  • dgxjd
    Stay for two nights. Very good environment, good service, very comfortable to live in,
  • buddyfei
    The staff of the hotel are warm and fine, the swimming pool facilities are very popular, and the living environment is very relaxed and pleasant.
  • momoglfw
    Suitable for parent-child travel, very comfortable! I'll come back later
  • wuyulinda
    The hotel is pretty good overall, because in Sanya Bay, the cost performance is very good. The hotel service is very good, and the swimming pool is also very good, but there are too many leaves at the bottom of the swimming pool, so it should be cleaned in time. In addition, the disinfectant taste of swimming pool water is too obvious. Room: Deluxe Sea view three rooms, the living room is very big and comfortable. Like one
  • candyt
    very good
  • jljljl
    The hotel's considerate service is the biggest highlight. The hotel's hardware facilities are also the best in Sanya Bay, especially the sincere and considerate treatment of Xiao Xue at the front desk
  • mayiwang
    The environment is good and the room is clean and tidy. Except that the sand on the private beach is not comparable to those sky high hotels in Yalong Bay, others can be comparable
  • cctvyang
    The hotel is good and close to the airport
  • justcats
    The stay was very good, the service was of a high standard, and the guests felt at home! It's just a short time. What a pity! Good breakfast!
  • E00238498
    Very good environment, very good service attitude
  • caojj
    Very good location, very good by private beach
  • dreaman126
    The light is broken, the door is not good, the service and environment are really good
  • e00161641
    Hardware and software are very good, very satisfied. Xiaopenyou also likes it. I think it's the first choice of Sanya Bay Hotel.
  • linwangg
    Good, hygienic, convenient to go to the beach. There is a warm pool. The disadvantage is that the bed is a little narrow. A 2m bed would be good. The beds of 1.5 and 1.8 meters are narrow. On the third day, the hot pool was not hot. After a day of machine maintenance, it didn't soak into hot water. It's a pity.
  • aning
    Good, good
  • fiyu1
    The hotel is located in Sanya Bay. The environment is very good and the design is very fashionable. It has its own beach bar. The hotel and beach bar have elevators and underground passages. It's very convenient to go out for leisure. The hotel has its own swimming pool, which is free for check-in passengers. The variety of double breakfast presented by the hotel is very rich, and there is a children's zone. My daughter also takes her favorite soft candy and pudding like a little adult. I love it here.
  • juicy84
    I stayed in this hotel a few years ago. I feel very good. I booked this hotel again this year. I'm really comfortable. I'll come again next time
  • myxy666
    Considerate service
  • junleili
    The first time I stayed in Haiyun, I was deeply impressed by the beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The most important thing was that the service was satisfactory. Li Yang and Liu Xin, the concierge, were warm and considerate. They patiently helped me answer my questions, including Tian Meng, the front desk receptionist who helped me check out at last. He also asked me how I felt about my stay. I hope I can give some good suggestions to the hotel. I feel very sincere. I'm sure I'll stay here again next time
  • ivyai
    The hotel facilities are average, the service is OK,
  • fatyuan
    I have lived in many five-star hotels in Sanya. I feel that the front desk of Haiyun is the best service. Other hotels can't compare with the front desk. The service is really the highlight of the hotel. The management is particularly in place. All the little girls at the front desk are so beautiful, In particular, Huang Shi's smile is very sweet, and there are many excellent front desk receptionists. I don't remember their names. In short, I must come to the front desk facing Haiyun every year
  • e01996870
  • eileen19861119
    The environment of the hotel is very beautiful, very big, I like it very much, the service of Chen Na at the front desk is very friendly!
    The first time we stayed in Haiyun, we booked three garden view rooms. Unexpectedly, after arriving at the hotel, the hotel upgraded us to the sea view room free of charge. We were very happy but also very sorry because we only stayed for one day. We knew that the hotel was so good, so we stayed here for a few more days. The hotel is very convenient from the airport downtown. There are buses and taxis when we go out. The breakfast of the hotel is very rich, and the service of the staff is also very good, Li Qiuhong, the little girl at the front desk, quickly helped me finish the formalities when checking out. Next time I come to Sanya, I must stay in Haiyun for a few more days.
  • james5870
    Excellent cost performance! There are a lot of people! I thought it was off-season, but I found many people here! Very nice hotel!
  • Aaronmou
    The front desk service is very good. It makes people feel very comfortable and feel at home. That's the rush!
  • e01240483
    A family of three has been tired of staying in the hotel for three days. They play sand in the morning to watch the sunrise, sleep at noon, swim in the afternoon, barbecue in the evening, and have parent-child activities. They are suitable for vacation meals. There are many choices, but the price is small and expensive. They can take pictures in advance at the Taobao tmall store of the hotel.
  • xtg0515
    The second time I stayed in Haiyun, the environment in the hotel was as good as ever. The only drawback is that there are not many good restaurants around, many soliciting and killing customers.
  • dongmeiw
    Very good
  • ELLA237
    The hotel is good. It's close to the airport and the city. The room is a family double room. You can see the sea. I'm very satisfied. The service of each staff member of the hotel is very friendly. They greet each other when they meet. In particular, the receptionist Wang Hui is very friendly, and the beauty Tang who handles the check-out procedures quickly gives us gifts as a souvenir. Thank you! Stay here next time!
  • guoxio
    I was quite satisfied with this trip, especially the hotel. My mother and father also praised it! The bellboy helped deliver the luggage throughout the process. The swimming pool was cold and hot. There were children's slides, children's paradise and game consoles to play. The cleaning staff saw that we had children and kindly arranged children's toothbrushes! Two rooms and one living room are very big, with invincible sea view!
  • amw119
    Holiday Hotel, first class service. Every waiter has a smile on his face. The front desk, the concierge and the restaurant all have questions to answer, and they are patient. It's very comfortable. I changed my room once in the middle of the way and gave it a free upgrade. It's very comfortable. Breakfast was good. Come here next time.
  • lijing8906
    Room sanitation is poor, equipment is old, breakfast is messy and unsanitary
  • liud30
    The hotel has a pleasant environment, warm and considerate service, especially the sweet smile of Tian Meng at the front desk