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The love Hill in Sanya Luhuitou Park, opened in 1989, is located in the Luhuitou Peninsula in the southwest of Sanya and covers 82.88 hectare with five hills and the highest elevation reaching 181 meters. The hilltop park is noted for being an execellent place to have a look at sea-view and sunrise and Sunset or get a bird's-eye view on downtown Sanya.Love CultureMain Attractions "Luhuitou" sculpture is based on Hainan Li built a ...[Detail]

The Sanya Zhongxing Guang Chang (Central Square), which is located at the center of the Yalong Bay. As the landmark construction and the transportation hub of Yalong Bay, the square is dominated by a totem column and a group of sculptures. The totem column is 26.8 m (87.9 feet) high, on which are carved the four Gods of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning and four auspicious animals: a dragon, a phoenix, a sunbird and a fish. The sculptures around ...[Detail]

Ridge is the highest peak in Sanya City of Phoenix is the only city full view of Sanya Bay, the city where architecture and urban landscape. Long-term perspective, Sanya';s mountains, sea, city, days a glance. Watch the sunset is not a good flavor. Sunset, sunsets drench the lush mountains, shrouded in the Sanya city over and watch the setting sun slowly melt into the red sea, very spectacular.Ridge Park is located in downtown Phoenix ...[Detail]

Only a few kilometers away from Sanya City, the hill is located in the Sanya Phoenix International Airport runway and the relatively remote hope. August 23, 1990, the southern end of the Eleventh Asian Games Torch Lighting Ceremony held here. The station construction area of 1,500 square meters, 14.3 meters high. Standing on the southern end of the ignition units, Sanya vivid; scenic panoramic view of the sea not far ends of the earth. Looked ...[Detail]

The Sanya Egret Park is home to the large numbers of wild egrets that are endemic to Sanya. Besides the scenic spots in Sanya, the parks around the city are beautiful; most notably the Egret Park which is a must for any visitors.With few tourists, the park is the perfect get away for anyone looking to spend a few quiet hours away from the hustle and bustle of Sanya City. With a quiet lake in the middle of the park, Egret is one of the most ...[Detail]

Luhuitou is a peninsula with water on three sides. It sits in Sanya Bay, which is five kilometers from the city.Luohuitou Park is situated on a hill near the seashore, three kilometers away from Sanya city in the south.The name Luohuitou, which means "the deer turning its head back", is derived from a touching love story. Long ago, a tyrant emperor desired a pair of hairy deer horn, so he forced a young Li man named Ahei to hunt for deer on the ...[Detail]

Yalong Bay is a 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) beach located southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province, China. It is also known as the Yalong Bay National Resort.Yalong Bay is honored "the first bay in the world", situated in the same latitudes as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions, about 25 km east of Sanya. The sea off the beach is so clear that visibility can reach almost 8 m, reflecting the blue sky and white sand ...[Detail]

Wuzhizhou Island is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Sanya City. The island is with an irregular butterfly-like shape and a coastline of 5.7 kilometers, covering an area of 1480 square kilometers. As the island is in a tropical marine zone, the climate is temperate and pleasant all the year round. It is an ideal place for vacation, winter swimming as well as entertainment.Wuzhizhou Island was known as Guqizhou Island in ancient times and ...[Detail]

East China Sea is surrounded by mountains, one side the sea, surrounded by rows of green coconut beach, the water temperature in winter is about 18-22 . Seaside resort area complete tourist facilities, has a different style hotel, a large waterfront plaza, tourist submarines, diving and diving base year for a variety of water sports and beach sports. See sports and activities. Dadonghai is a wonderful outdoor swimming and bathing place. At the ...[Detail]

Sanya Bay is one of the five major bays in Sanya, Hainan Province, China. It has a 22km beach. The climate is warm and sunny all year around.The man-made resort Phoenix Island is currently under construction in the bay.The bay is surrounded by beautiful tropical scenery with a boundless sea view. The crystal clear blue sea stretches to the edge of the sky, while the waves lap the soft white sand. Across the sea, you will see two adjacent islands: ...[Detail]